Kaarin. Like the 'car' goes 'in' the garage.

Originally from a rural town in Eastern Washington, Kaarin initially chose to pursue photography while living in Australia, Hawaii, New Orleans, and Seattle, before being hired on with an agency in Portland, OR.

After leaving the agency life in her role as an Account Coordinator, Kaarin's most recent work experiences have been fueled with a passion to invest and grow friends' local small businesses. The duties therein have ranged far and wide, but have involved slinging t-shirts and mixing cocktails, to helping design and sew leather bags, to running social media and marketing campaigns. Most recently she's embarked as a solopreneur with Little Braap Racer. (You can also find her photography for sale on Stocksy United!)

Kaarin is involved in the local arts and music scene, is building 9th Avenue Creative with her husband, attempts to eat as much popcorn at The Bartlett as possible, and spends copious amounts of time trying to figure out how to flip their first house.

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