Kaarin. Like the 'car' goes 'in' the garage.

Originally from a rural town in Eastern Washington, Kaarin initially chose to pursue photography in high school with the use of an old Minolta film camera. She later slung her Canon Rebel XT over her shoulder and traveled the world, living in Australia, Hawaii, New Orleans, and Seattle, before being hired on with a marketing agency in Portland, OR.

After leaving the agency life in her role as an Account Coordinator, Kaarin's work experiences in the past few years have been varied and exciting. The duties therein have ranged far and wide, but have involved slinging t-shirts and mixing cocktails, to helping design and sew leather bags, to running social media and marketing campaigns. While designing and renovating her first house flip with her husband in Spokane, she also did a test launch as an accessories designer/solopreneur with Little Braap Racer, and is currently letting the success of LBR evolve into something bigger and better. (You can also find her photography for sale on Stocksy United!)

Kaarin, her husband and two rescue dogs (hell yeah we’re gonna call out that they’re rescues!) live in San Diego, CA and spend their free time taking walks, eating tons of amazing food, and deciding when they should flip their next house.